You may know us from the past – we’re old SportID with a few (big) tweaks! 

If you haven’t noticed, SportID is now Stebby! But where did the SportID journey started? SportID was born as a start-up in 2012 and since then it was a handy tool for organizations to compensate for sports enthusiasts training fees safely and easily. In the eight-year process we understood that physically active employees are important but what about the others who want to take care of their wellness without going to the local gym? We saw the potential to offer every individual inside and outside organizations something they can improve their well-being in one solution. That solution was a wellness marketplace where you could find exactly what you need to be a better version of yourself. Today, Stebby is a place where wellness meets the people. 

The team behind Stebby

We work for yours, ours and everybody’s wellness!

Our young team inspires each other from first-morning coffee until the late-night team activities. By combining our brains and muscles we try to bring out the best of Stebby in the most innovative way. This is our chance to make a step-by-step change in people’s habits to live life to the fullest. In our eyes – more wellness equals better health and a happier society. 

There is no “I” mentality in Stebby and that’s why we can work side by side every day.  If you need help, it’s always there.

It’s true that our team is more like a group of friends who like to spend time with each other outside the office as well. For instance, we have weekly activities like beach volleyball Mondays and office Olympics Wednesdays to relax from work.

If there’s a chance to take part in something as a group we will be there. Maybe we’re not as skilled as others but we’re enjoying every second of competing. In our eyes, we’re always winning.

Every person behind Stebby is unique and has their own story to tell. 

We might be located all over the Baltics, but we are always working together as one.

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