This year we have had to rehearse old routines, work remotely and accept compromises. However, if we continue to adapt to new goals we can get out of this year stronger than before.

Although many employees have had to sacrifice their workload and subsidies, there are still employers who continue to contribute to the development of a healthy lifestyle through sports and health compensation.

Why you should provide health subsidy?

There are a variety of reasons but the biggest one is to show your employees that you care about them. An active and healthy lifestyle helps to generate new ideas, treat or prevent physical and mental problems and make employees more resistant to illness. Sports and health compensation is not only for access to the gym or swimming pool but many companies also allow rehabilitation services, health insurance, health services and much more to improve employees wellness. Of course, compensation is also an important bonus for the employee, which does not depend on the salary and is always available.

How to provide compensation quick and convenient?

To offer compensation as an employer, you need to create a company account and set up a suitable compensation plan for the employees. After that, you can invite your employees to Stebby platform so they could use their health subsidy. You can create a unique compensation plan – be it 100 euros per quarter, 30 euros per month or 50-50 plan, where half of the service is paid by the employer and the other half by the employee. It’s all up to the company to decide. A constant overview of compensation costs, employee management, more than a thousand service providers and easy acceptance of receipts makes the accounting for the company much easier and faster.

Why you should use Stebby?

Stebby helps you to collect receipts easily and reduce the accountant work load. In addition, the automated ticket system is unique for every user and cannot be abused by strangers. You can create a custom compensation plan for your company that is related to a specific person and as an employer, you can be sure that subsidy is used only by your employee.

Hopefully, you have continued or plan to start providing sports and health compensation to your employees. If you would like help or more information, please contact us at info@stebby.eu.

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