In Stebby, we always want to spread wellness and well-being to those in need – now is the time to do it together! Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian people flee their cities and country without knowing if they can ever return to their loving homes. Although it seems complicated to help these people from a distance physically, it can be done by almost all of us. 

We have gathered together official guides and different options from every Baltic country to help innocent people struggling because of this brutal war. Together, we can give these people new hope for a brighter future. If you think monetary donation is not enough or possible for you, you can always offer these organizations your time, knowledge, or services—every little help counts. 

Stebby has already donated 10,000 euros to the Red Cross organization in the Baltics to offset the urgent, pressing needs. Furthermore, we will continue the relentless search for other ways to be helpful to the general wellness of the Ukrainian people moving forward. And this article is the first step—ensuring the informational flow and spreading the message further.

But remember to keep an eye on your health as well. If you start feeling overwhelmed or sense this informational and emotional abundance is too much for you, then take a break. Clear your mind by going outside or being with your family to recharge energy. Your wellness is the key to spreading wellness to others. 


General information on how to support Ukraine: https://www.ukrainaheaks.ee/ ; https://www.tartu.ee/et/ukraina-abiks

Estonian Red Cross: https://redcross.ee/anneta/ukraina/ 

Volunteer and offer help: https://www.pagulasabi.ee/en/help-ukraine 


Crowdfunding for Ukraine: https://www.ziedot.lv/ukrainas-cilvekiem-4203 

Latvian Red Cross: https://www.redcross.lv/brunotais-konfilkts-ukraina-sarkanais-krusts-sniedz-palidzibu-cietusajiem/ 

Donate goods ej.uz/Ukrainai

Companies who are ready to employ refugees ej.uz/vakancescilvekiemnoukrainas

Help refugees and volunteer https://ukraine-latvia.com/ ; ej.uz/atbalstscilvekiemnoukrainas


Humanitarian aid and donations: https://www.blue-yellow.lt/en/

Red Cross donations: https://www.aukok.lt/projektai/Musu-sirdys-ir-rankos-Ukrainai

Humanitarian aid: https://vilnius.caritas.lt/pagalba-ukrainieciams/ 

National Volunteer Support Coordination Center: https://stipruskartu.lt/

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