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Join in with over 120 000 Stebby users who take care of their wellness. Stebby is free to use and easy to manage!

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You don’t have to spend time finding a suitable service provider: numerous services, of many types, are available all in Stebby - easy access to an active lifestyle.

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different activities

Activities in our environment include workouts, massages, spa services, and various wellness products and events.

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We help you to find and purchase wellness services quickly and conveniently.

Our platform includes more than 7000 different activities to choose from.

Find preferred services by category, price or even location.

Wellness is never too far from you!


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General Financing bank

General Financing bank


On-site gyms offer limited functionality and that’s why we have chosen to offer our employees compensation through Stebby. We encourage everyone to choose the activities they are most passionate about - it could be swimming for some or yoga for the others. In addition, we have colleagues all over Lithuania, so it was crucial that the same compensation could be offered to everyone across the country.



Stebby user

I constantly postponed my visit to physiotherapy and massages because it was difficult to find a good specialist nearby. Stebby has made choosing rehabilitation services and managing my compensation as easy as possible. I also enjoy Stebby's various campaigns to find new wellness services I would never have reached otherwise.

Kalev Spa

Kalev Spa

Meeli Eelmaa - Kalev Spa Sales Manager

I always say Stebby is like booking.com for sports clubs and water parks which has increased the number of our visitors every year. Together we have been able to bring different projects closer to people through Stebby blog so everyone would know how and why to take care of their well-being.



Stebby user

Stebby has improved my understanding of a healthy lifestyle and broadened my knowledge about wellness services. The platform gives my employer an opportunity to contribute to my wellness and gives me the chance to try out new services for my well-being. Stebby has got an excellent team, who have found solutions to my concerns every time.




We have understood the importance of an active lifestyle for the productivity of our employees and have compensated health and sports expenses for several years now. However, we kept changing the way we administer it until we found Stebby. Stebby is a convenient platform for our people - they can easily choose the desired activities or places of interest to improve their wellness and health.




Stebby has been a big part of our relatively young business to help us increase our visibility and has connected us to many new customers. A lot of people have acknowledged that without Stebby they wouldn’t have found and searched our service. In addition, we have been able to run joint campaigns with Stebby’s marketing team and introduce SLIMM services through a Stebby blog.




We are a fast-growing company with customers across 50+ countries and we are generally looking for people who bring energy and passion. We encourage everyone on the team to stay active and give them the freedom of choice when it comes to health. Stebby platform provides transparency, automation and resilience we are looking for, which is a value to us as a company and most importantly – to our team.

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With us you will have loyal corporate customers since their employers take care of their subsidy in our environment. Let’s share wellness together!

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