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Join in with over 180 000 Stebby users who take care of their wellness. Stebby is free to use and easy to manage!

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service providers

You don’t have to spend time finding a suitable service provider: numerous services, of many types, are available all on Stebby - easy access to an active lifestyle.

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different activities

Activities in our environment include workouts, massages, spa services, and various wellness products and events.

Let’s be clear - what can you do on Stebby?

Continue your wellness journey

Tool to improve your health

Let’s say that your employer provides compensation for wellness services every month through Stebby. Perfect – It’s like an extra paycheck for your health and well-being!

With compensation, you can choose from thousands of wellness options on Stebby or get refunded for the wellness services you used.

However, Stebby is not only for companies and their employees – you can add money to your account and take wellness into your own hands by visiting the services providers you prefer.

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…and why should you use Stebby?

Stebby is the most convenient way to access the wellness services you need:

  • Browse from over 8 500 healthy options and choose the services that suit your wellness needs
  • Manage your health compensation and wellness expenses all in one place
  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Search for nearby services you haven’t even heard of
  • Exclusive monthly discounts only on Stebby 

…and you can even use Stebby in different countries.


Happy users



Stebby user

I constantly postponed my visit to physiotherapy and massages because it was difficult to find a good specialist nearby. Stebby has made choosing rehabilitation services and managing my compensation as easy as possible. I also enjoy Stebby's various campaigns to find new wellness services I would never have reached otherwise.

General Financing bank

General Financing bank


On-site gyms offer limited functionality and that’s why we have chosen to offer our employees compensation through Stebby. We encourage everyone to choose the activities they are most passionate about - it could be swimming for some or yoga for the others. In addition, we have colleagues all over Lithuania, so it was crucial that the same compensation could be offered to everyone across the country.



Stebby user

Stebby has improved my understanding of a healthy lifestyle and broadened my knowledge about wellness services. The platform gives my employer an opportunity to contribute to my wellness and gives me the chance to try out new services for my well-being. Stebby has got an excellent team, who have found solutions to my concerns every time.

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Over 1 700 companies contribute to their employees’ wellness through Stebby. Maybe your employer is willing to join in as well? Suggest Stebby to your employer and let’s have a chat about it!

If you have any questions feel free to contact info@stebby.eu