Stebbians? Who are we?

We are a team of around 50 Stebbians dedicated to building an influential and the most useful wellness platform globally.

Every person behind Stebby is unique and has their own story of what wellness is for them. But most importantly, our youthful team inspires each other from first-morning coffee until the late-night team activities. By combining our brains and muscles, we try to bring out the best of Stebby in the most innovative way. This is our chance to make a step by step change in people’s habits to live life in the healthiest way possible because, in our eyes – more wellness equals better health and a happier society.

Our people work all over the Baltics (Tartu, Tallinn, Vilnius, and Riga). We might be located separately, but we are always working together as one.

Our values

Choose to be the change.

Positive change is what we are proactive about and want to implement in our work, everyday workspace and society in general. We believe in the power of our Stebbians to make a difference to create a better future as a team whilst being flexible and free. May it be related to health and well-being or any other essential topics aligned with your values — you can be the first to take the lead!

Make it a habit, and motivation will follow

Consistency is the key — right? We believe that habits and routines are vital to staying motivated and achieving goals over the long term. The power of small steps towards progress and diligence in facing challenges is as important as anything else for us.

Be a person half-full. 

We emphasize a positive and open-minded mindset to approach challenges and opportunities with a can-do attitude! Through that, we can inspire creativity and productivity to build a supportive workplace culture for every Stebbian. Always seek the good! 

Innovation is inevitable. Make it positive.

Embrace change and progress! We believe in the power of technology and innovation to create positive evolution and improve people’s lives. Innovation may have unintended paths, but we can steer it towards a positive direction by approaching it with a thoughtful mindset.

Support others, and they will lift you. 

We are all about collaboration to achieve shared goals and overcome challenges. Individual success often depends on the support and encouragement of others, so our priority is to create a supportive work environment by fostering helpful and understanding culture.

Your health is our priority too

Stebby offers health and wellness benefits for everyone — a healthy employee is the first step to a thriving working environment.

  • Monthly wellness allowance and reimbursement of disease prevention and treatment
  • Compensated mental health specialist visits
  • Sports and recreational events 
  • Sick leave paid from day one

Grow with us in and out of the office

Keep your balance let us help you.

Personal and professional growth

  • Personal training budget
  • Company-organised training days

Family and work-life

  • Extra vacation days
  • Day off option on your birthday and child’s graduation
  • Pupil allowance on the 1st of September and children camps

Why do people love it here

External impact

We believe in our product and the purpose of making positive change in people’s habits towards a healthier lifestyle. We offer a unique opportunity for our people who are passionate about making a difference in society. This is what motivates us! 

Flexibility and freedom

We are all about a hybrid work environment we are confident that providing our employees with lots of flexibility and freedom is crucial to their happiness and success. We want our employees to have the freedom to make choices that work for them.

Opportunities to grow

We offer a wide range of opportunities for you to learn, innovate, and grow in your career. For example the majority of our management is internally-grown. We invest in our team members’ development and provide the support and resources necessary for you to achieve your career goals. 

Fun along the way

Our team is made up of talented and open-minded people who are passionate about what they do. We offer a welcoming and supportive culture that encourages collaboration, innovation, and creativity to have fun, whether through team building events, parties, having meme competitions, or just joking next to the coffee machine.

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Open positions

Unfortunately, there are no open positions at this time, but if you feel like you could complement our team and care about wellness, let us know at people@stebby.eu.

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