Over the past year, we have had to rehearse old routines, work remotely and accept compromises. We are now hoping to move forward more positively. There might be an opportunity to restore the former goals, continue according to old plans, and come out of it all stronger than ever before.

Although many companies had to make sacrifices in support of employee well-being and wellness at a difficult time, more and more employers want to start contributing again to the development of a healthy lifestyle for employees through sports and health compensation.

Why you should offer sports and health compensation for employees?

There can be a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest is showing that you care about employees and their well-being. An active and healthy lifestyle helps to keep mental health balanced, treat or prevent various physical problems and injuries, and make employees generally healthier. A happy and strong employee gives an extra boost to your company to take one step further!

With the help of compensation, the employee can engage in various sports that suit him or her the best, taking advantage of the employer’s support outside working hours. Did you know that sports and health compensation won’t have to be used only for a gym or swimming pool access, but many companies also allow rehabilitation services, health insurance or other health-related services? 

Of course, compensation is also an important extra value for the employee, which is not dependent on the salary number but is always available to use.

How to offer compensation conveniently and quickly?

For example, in Estonia, due to the law, the employer can offer employees a tax-free 100 euros for health and sports expenses in one quarter, which will reduce the company’s tax burden and provide a new opportunity to support the company’s employees. 

To offer employees compensation, you need to create a company account in the Stebby environment, where you can add employees and create a compensation plan suitable for the company – 100 euros per quarter, 30 euros per month, 50-50 plan etc. There are many choices and it’s all up to the company to decide. A constant overview of compensation costs, employee management, more than 1,300 service providers, and easy acceptance of receipts make accounting much easier and faster.

Read more about how to set up a company account in our Knowledge Base articles HERE

Why your whole company should use Stebby?

It is easy and convenient for the employee to use! In addition to our website, in May we released our new app for everyone. It helps your employees to monitor their health expenses and compensation even faster and purchase wellness services nearby, wherever you are. Read more about the Stebby mobile app and download it HERE.

In addition, the Stebby environment allows the employer to reduce the accounting time spent collecting receipts and making refunds. Stebby has an automated system that will do that for you! To prevent misuse of the compensation, Stebby account is personalized to your employee so it cannot be used for the wrong purpose by strangers. This ensures that you can contribute the best way possible to the well-being of your employee. Create the best opportunity for your employees to take care of their wellness in a way that suits them!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us info@stebby.eu.

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