It’s here! We are extremely pleased to announce that the long-awaited Stebby mobile app is ready and available for everyone to download. But how does our app make your life easier?

With the help of the app, you can access all your favourite services with just a few swipes, so that you can take care of your health at any time and in any place you want. The Stebby mobile app is like health in your pocket to keep track of your health expenses, the best discounts and service providers in the area.

According to Stebby marketing manager Emily Vigel, the completion of the app is an important step in linking together people’s health and wellness services, so that everyone has a wide range of choice of how to take care of their health. “We have been waiting for the app to be finished and we are sincerely happy that we can finally share it with our users. In today’s world, small things affect big decisions, so we wanted to create the most convenient and reliable wellness app possible, to give people an extra boost to try something new and unique, ” adds Vigel.

Easy to use

After downloading the app, you can choose between different login options to access thousands of services. Use classic email sign-in, connect to a Facebook or Google account, or choose an Apple ID – it’s your choice. Just log in and the app is ready to use!

If you don’t have a user yet, but desire to get familiar with the Stebby app, then just download the app and look around –  you are free-roam on the app to find out which services can be found in our environment. If you liked what you saw, you can simply register to join in with 130,000 people who are already taking care of their wellness with Stebby.

Find a suitable service provider even on a side street

Did you get an idea to find a way to relax in the new city or are you looking for a new sports club in your hometown? Look at the service providers near you and buy a ticket conveniently in advance or on the spot. You no longer have to spend time surfing the web, but with a simple search and transaction options, you will find the best way to take care of your wellness in just a few minutes.

Buy services conveniently again

Did you enjoy your last visit? Repeat your purchase with just a few taps! The app will immediately show you your latest transactions and will not leave them forgotten. If you need the same relaxing massage or training experience, you can immediately buy the service you like again in a few moments from the app’s front page.

Manage transactions and compensation in one place

Get notifications directly on your mobile phone when you receive compensation or make a purchase. You can also use the app to join your employer’s compensation plan and link personal bank cards to your account.

Taking care of your health has never been so easy

Whether you have a connection to Stebby due to an employer or an interest in improving your health, it doesn’t matter – you will find your favourite among thousands of services in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

If you have any ideas on how to make the app even more convenient for everyone, let us know at info@stebby.eu. We are very grateful for your feedback to provide the best user experience for all of our users.

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