In today’s fast-paced world, fostering a healthy lifestyle has become a top priority for companies seeking to maximize employee productivity and well-being. Recognizing the significance of employee wellness, airBaltic, the leading airline in the Baltics, has taken a pioneering step by introducing an innovative health and well-being benefit plan. Stebby is sharing an article by airBaltic, published in Baltic Outlook magazine, inflight magazine of airBaltic. 

airBaltic recently introduced a new and improved health and accident insurance plan and multiple well-being incentives, because ultimately, improving employee well-being means increased productivity in the long run. Along with this insurance package, airBaltic has brought on board Stebby, the largest wellness marketplace in the Baltics, to offer employees the finest healthcare and wellness providers all over Europe. ‘Given the fact that a part of our employees come from different countries, not only Latvia, it was clear that wellness services should not only be covered in Latvia but also the rest of Europe,’ says Sarmīte Vilsone, HR Operations and Service Manager at airBaltic.

The stats reveal that about seven to ten percent of the airline’s employees had never used the company’s previous health insurance policy. This is one of the reasons why airBaltic came up with various insurance packages and so-called benefits by choice. Now employees at airBaltic can choose whether to get the standard health and accident insurance or upgraded coverage. If they pick the standard insurance, employee may use the rest of the funds with Stebby. Whether they apply those funds to a fitness class, a mental health session, nutrition coaching, a marathon fee, or as a payment for a wellness app, there are plenty of options on the Stebby platform that employees can use to stay healthy and keep moving.

Stebby is a relatively new employee benefit at airBaltic, but the stats show that 17% of employees have already decided to downgrade their insurance policy and direct more funds to the new health and well-being benefit platform. What’s even more interesting, 75% of the reimbursed expenses on the Stebby platform are sports activities, which means that employees are in favour of an active lifestyle.

‘We truly care about our employees, and we believe that the health and well-being of our employees are of utmost importance,’ says Alina Aronberga, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at airBaltic. ‘From now on, with flexible health insurance plans, we will be able to offer a range of benefits tailored to each employee’s specific needs. That way, we’ll encourage our team members to take even more control of their own healthcare and wellness. These are the basic rules for a happy and productive everyday life.’

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