Why the change?

In 2012 SportID was created to be a handy tool for companies for compensating their sporty employees’ sports and wellness fees. The more we grew, the more we understood that physically active employees are essential, but we had forgotten about those who also want to take care of their wellness without going to the local gym. We saw the potential to create something for every individual – a wellness platform where you can choose the wellness service just for you.

It’s been almost a decade long journey

With eight years we have evolved from a sports-related services mediator into an international wellness marketplace. Almost a decade long journey taught us that being more flexible in providing different wellness services is the way for unseen opportunities. Today we have managed to build the biggest health services platform in our region where wellness meets the people. 

What has changed?

As you can see our brand has a fresh and innovative identity called Stebby! Although we have a new appearance we are still the most convenient platform to manage all the services your health needs.

But what does Stebby mean? The name Stebby is originated from a shorter version of our vision – step by step journey for a healthier society through personal wellness.

Most importantly our main goal remains the same – your health is still number one for us!

One step at a time

Our mission - to help your health on every step

Our purpose is to offer the best wellness support system you can think of. Taking care of your well-being is a significant part of being healthy, balanced, and active throughout your lifetime. If you are already satisfied with your wellness, then think again – you can always try something new and exciting to keep your mind and body fresh.

We work for your, our and everybody’s wellness!

Our young team inspires each other from first-morning coffee until the late-night team activities. By combining our brains and muscles we try to bring out the best of Stebby in the most innovative way. This is our chance to make a step-by-step change in people’s habits to live life to the fullest. In our eyes – more wellness equals better health and a happier society.

Every person behind Stebby is unique and has their own story to tell.

We might be located all over the Baltics, but we are always working together as one.

Voice for wellness ideas to spread

Our vision lays beyond the marketplace – it is to be a voice all over the world to take care of your wellness every step you take.

Need a helping hand with your own wellness journey?

Take the step

Our platform has thousands of different wellness options to help you.

Are you an organization?

Let your employees rest and recharge their batteries by offering compensation.

Are you a Service Provider?

Make yourself seen to everyone and promote your wellness vision with us.

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