More than 2 200 service providers

More than 2 200 service providers

Discount offers and campaigns

Discount offers and campaigns

Convenient environment to boost your wellness

Convenient environment to boost your wellness

Purchase wellness services quick and convenient

Many services cost less here than anywhere else! This means that you don’t have to spend extra time searching for a suitable service provider with the best offers. Thousands of wellness services are all available in one place.

You can even use Stebby funds to pay at the service provider’s location without purchasing a ticket in advance!

Our platform brings together more than 2 200 service providers, all over the Baltics.

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What if your employer provides you health subsidy via Stebby?

This means your employer cares for your wellness! If your employer provides you health subsidy, then log in to Stebby, join your employer Stebby group. choose a suitable wellness service and decide whether to purchase the service using subsidy or your own funds.

With the pre-purchased ticket, you can visit the service provider only using your ID card.

Keep in mind that your wellness compensation is for personal use only. Which means that you cannot buy services for your friends, family members etc.

What if your employer doesn’t provide health subsidy?

You can still purchase wellness services via Stebby! Make an account and access hundreds of discounts on Stebby that can’t be found anywhere else. Instead of using subsidy you can add your own funds to the account and buy preferred wellness services conveniently.

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Taking care of your health has never been so easy

Stebby has had its app for a while now, which contributes to both our and your daily routines. If you already know and use Stebby’s wellness platform, why not make your life easier with an app with the same functionality plus exclusive features?

With the app’s help, you can access all your favourite services with just a few clicks so that you can take care of your health the way you want at any time and place. The Stebby mobile application is like health in your pocket to keep an eye on your health expenses, the best discount offers, and service offers in the area.

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Who are welcome to join?


  • Join as an individual who wants to take care of your wellness, use subsidy and get the best wellness offers possible.
  • Join as an employer who wants to support employees’ wellness by providing subsidy and take care of it safely in one place.
  • Join as a wellness service provider or an event organizer who have something to offer for users well-being.

How much does Stebby cost me?

Nothing! Stebby is free to use so you could take care of your wellness without a worry.

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Search for opportunities to work out, relax and experience something new. Get the best prices on the market and buy instantly the services you like or need.