What is Stebby Events?

Stebby Events is a registration platform for sports and wellness events where we bring your wellness-themed Events closer to people who always want to take the next step forward to improve their health and well-being. This is your opportunity to connect with over 150 000 health enthusiasts all over the Baltics.

It's easy to use!

Stebby Events has all the tools to make your Event registration management successful. Let’s conquer your goals together.
  • Registration platform with broad functionality to gather all the necessary information
  • A ticket system so you could sell event registrations conveniently
  • Built-in payment system with a variety of payment options
  • Automated accounting for easy withdrawals
  • Notifications for organizers and users to keep everybody informed
  • Convenient app for users to register for your event even at the start corridor.

Stebby Packages will boost your visibility and sales

Different Event Organiser Package options will give you new opportunities to improve your sales

  • Starter Package to help you get acquainted with Stebby Events
  • Standard Package to access the Events market and enjoy Stebby functionality from start to finish
  • Gold Package to grow your Event and sales through cross-marketing and extra communication to a broader audience


Learn more about Event Organiser Packages here.

Stebby community is growing every day




30 000+

30 000+





Getting started is easy!

How does it work?

  1. Join Stebby as a User
  2. Create an Event Organiser account
  3. Set up your sports or wellness event & tickets
  4. Choose a Package to improve your visibility & sales
  5. Add a link of your Stebby event also to your homepage or social media
  6. Sell and introduce your Events to existing or new participants

If you have any questions about setting up your account or event then contact us events@stebby.eu or seek help from our Knowledge Base.

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Focus on organising the event – Stebby will do the rest


Our Organisers

MTÜ Rakvere Maraton

MTÜ Rakvere Maraton

Laura Ruus

Stebby is an excellent cooperation partner, thanks to whom more and more fitness enthusiasts come to our events. The use of their system is convenient and logical both from the point of view of the event organiser and the user. We are sincerely grateful to Stebby's marketing team and customer support for all their help and smooth cooperation.

Estonian Discgolf Association

Estonian Discgolf Association

Silja Madison - Estonian Discgolf Association

Organising any event without Stebby in this day and age is unthinkable. Wanting to be there for your community, you constantly have to evolve towards different consumption habits, and Stebby, by bringing togethere different parties, helps achieving this very comfortably. The environment is flexible, allowing us to create event setups that are just right for us, and is very easy to use.

Sportland Kõrvemaa Neliküritus

Sportland Kõrvemaa Neliküritus

Rebeka Kübard

Stebby has been a very good and useful cooperation partner. With the help of the marketing team, we have been able to spread information about events more widely, bringing more and more happy people to the sport. The entire registration system is very convenient, and the participants have also given positive feedback.

Our clients

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Who are welcome to join?

Stebby Events welcomes event organisers of all sizes – from local wellness to regional or even national sports event organisers who believe their events can improve Stebby users’ wellness. Hop on board!

How much does using Stebby Events cost me?

No fixed monthly fees! Stebby Packages do not have a fixed monthly cost – the service fee will be calculated from the sum of all the sold tickets when making a withdrawal. Becoming an event organiser in Stebby is free of charge and allows you to set up your account and events in our platform without a fee. You’ll only start paying for the service after you reach a certain turnover.

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