When SportID started as a start-up in 2012, it was a different time with unique goals and perspectives. Helping people to be active and healthy was our mission since day one. SportID was a support system for organizations so they could compensate for sports enthusiasts training fees safely and easy. From the start, the SportID brand emphasis was heavy on the word sport and improving your physical health. In the process we understood that physically active employees are important but what about the others who want to take care of their wellness without going to the local gym? We saw the potential to offer every individual something they can improve their well-being in one solution.

Now it’s been almost a decade long journey where we have changed from sports-related services mediator into a wellness marketplace. As we grew, we realized that being more flexible in providing different wellness services is the way for unseen opportunities. Thanks to that, we have managed to build the biggest wellness marketplace in our region. You can easily access various wellness services like gym passes, events, rehabilitation services, treatments and a lot more. We felt that it’s time to use our potential as a marketplace. The idea of creating an easy-going brand for everyone became more realistic, so we started to untie from the word sport. Nevertheless, Stebby pursues the SportID original mission thus you could access the best wellness services you imagine.

♡ What has changed? 

The name has changed, the design has changed but we are always here to improve your wellness. The name Stebby represents our vision of a step-by-step journey for a healthier society through personal wellness. As you can see our logo is a combination of heart and stairs – the heart stands for health and caring while a two-step stairway imitates the steps you can take to improve yourself every day. Now you can always take a new step forward every day because Stebby gives you hundreds of options. You can be a role model for a lot of people from your family to colleagues – start a healthier life journey now.  

♡ Our mission – to help your health on every step

Our mission is to offer the best wellness support system you can think of. Taking care of your wellness is a significant part of being healthy, balanced, and active throughout your lifetime. If you think you are already satisfied with your wellness, then think again – you can always try something new and exciting to keep your mind and body fresh. That’s where Stebby comes around to help you.

Stebby gives you a helping hand to explore all the wellness options you have on the market. Find a nearby sports club, swimming pool, or a relaxing treatment on your work trip – you choose the service and Stebby helps you take care of the rest. It doesn’t matter if your employer offers you wellness subsidy or you just want to have an access to all health services in one place. 

♡  Lets spread wellness together

Our vision lays beyond Stebby marketplace – we want to be a voice all over the world to encourage people to take care of their wellness.

Are you the one who needs a helping hand with your own wellness journey? Our platform has thousands of different wellness options to help you. 

Are you an employer? Let your employees relax and recharge their batteries by offering subsidy. 

Are you a service provider? Make yourself seen to everyone and promote your wellness vision with us.

Take your next wellness step with Stebby!

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