Does running seem boring to you? Make it interesting by trying orienteering!

16 May 2024

With the arrival of spring, both city streets and forest trails all over Estonia fill up with amateur athletes. At first glance, the most popular spring popular sport is running,…...

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No need to overspend! Here are 8 easy ways to boost employee well-being

15 May 2024

In order to retain employees and improve their performance and efficiency, wellness programmes and benefits are becoming an increasingly important…...

Man who overcame depression: ‘I’m the only one who can pull myself headfirst out of the s***’

14 May 2024

Scrolling down memory lane, Kristjan Novitski (39) says that the first signs of depression began when he was in primary…

Kristo Ausmees: “You have to treat your doctor like your own person. Even when it comes to bedroom issues.”

14 May 2024

Studies show that almost all men experience erectile problems during their lifetime. If it happens from time to time, you…...

Running on a slippery, cold night: why do the organisers do it, why do the participants drive there and why do the spectators come out to cheer?

14 May 2024

Winter sports are so ingrained in Estonians’ hearts that skiers and tobogganers turn out as soon as the first snowflake…...

Prevention is the best cure: you can see a physiotherapist even before you have a problem.

13 May 2024

The idea that it’s only worth seeing a physiotherapist when you’re already in trouble or in pain is very common….

The arrival of spring is not a blessing in disguise: how to reduce exposure to allergens?

13 May 2024

After a long, dark winter, the arrival of the spring season feels like a blessing, bringing warm weather and the…...

Muscle aches – do I have to skip training or do it anyway?

13 May 2024

Starting to exercise, finding regular time for health sports and keeping up a routine can be quite difficult. Add to this the muscle soreness that sometimes accompanies exercise, and staying…...

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Did you know? Broken teeth and gums can lead to heart and kidney disease, stroke and other diseases

13 May 2024

Poor oral health and untreated tooth decay or gum problems can lead to tooth loss. But in worse cases, the…...

A 10-year boom: this is the sport for all ages

13 May 2024

While the history of many classic sports can be measured in hundreds of years, disc golf, one of the most…...

Surf instructor: I’ve had a couple of students over 60 – nothing is impossible if you have the will.

8 May 2024

Surfing is a special sport where the biggest fans say that when the mind and body seem to merge with…...