Stebby’s visual identity for Service Providers

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Welcome to Stebby’s page for Service Providers! As an active, spontaneous and bold brand, we also express our playful nature in our visual identity. So, for an even smoother cooperation, we have created a guide for the correct use of our brand elements, as well as several visuals and videos that can be useful to you together. Together, we will keep the Stebby brand with care and give your business a boost!

Stebby logo

Our logo is the combination of a wordmark Stebby and an icon of a heart and stairway.
The name Stebby is a shorter version of our vision of a step-by-step journey towards wellness. The icon stands for heart and health of course, but also change and taking the first steps towards a healthy and more active lifestyle. Grab a Stebby logo and use it in your materials.

Stebby logos in white

Stebby logos in black

Stebby logos in color

The use of Stebby logo and icon

The use of logo

We use the horizontal logo on bigger surfaces so the wordmark remains more visible. In some cases it is allowed to use the icon separately from the wordmark Stebby and vice versa. For example, if the icon is already widely used in the design. This way we will avoid duplication.

The Safety Area

The safety area ensures the legibility and impact of the logo by isolating it from competing visual elements such as text and supporting graphics and other logos. This area should be considered as the absolute minimum safe distance, in most cases the logo should be given even more room to breathe.

The size

To preserve legibility make sure the logotype appears in the following sizes shown on the picture.

Please avoid this!

It is important that the appearance of the logo remains consistent. The logo should not be misinterpreted, modified or added to. Do not change its orientation, color and composition. To illustrate this point some of the more likely mistakes are shown on the picture.


Let everyone know you are a partner of Stebby!

We strongly believe in good partner relations! So the best way to communicate our partnership is to use the prominent Stebby partner badge. Stick it on your door, use it on your website or print it on an information leaflet.

"Here you can pay with Stebby" notice on your homepage

Here you can find banners and buttons in different sizes and colors to inform your customers about the possibility of paying with Stebby. You can make the banner and button clickable and use it to direct customers directly to your Stebby account to make a purchase.

If a different size banner fits your website, let us know and we’ll add it here too!

Media kit

We have gathered all the visual and colorful elements often needed in social media under the Stebby media kit. It is like a guide from which you can quickly access everything you need. Download the materials and start exploring!

For printing

Three-two-one and let the printing begin! Here you can find different A4 designs that you can easily print out and put up in a suitable place. You can put the printed materials on your notice board, door or directly on the counter.


Constant movement in the picture too! We have gathered Stebby’s videos in one place. Take them here and use them on your Service Provider’s homepage, on social media, on internal screens or elsewhere in meetings with customers – there should be enough formats and options!

See other examples of our videos HERE.


Convey enthusiasm with wellness texts! Let your customers know that you can also pay with Stebby. For this purpose, we have written down texts that can be used to easily and clearly convey an important message on social media and elsewhere.

Canva design templates

There is beauty in simplicity. That’s why we have put together different simple Canva templates for you, with which you can inform your customers about the possibility of paying with Stebby.

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