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As a Stebby service provider you’re in the right place because a lot of people here are looking to improve their wellness – why not through your services! Various service provider packages give you exclusive access to our campaigns and other marketing opportunities which help you to improve your sales and reach out to new customers.

Contribution to society

Imagine being a part of the largest wellness community and actually contributing to society – with Stebby it’s possible! Improve the health of thousands and change the world step-by-step.

Shortcut to your customer

Stebby connects your services with the right people. We are a community of over 130 000 people, striving to find the best options to increase our well-being.

Sell more, grow faster, market smarter

Make your service known and accessible to everyone

Your services can be much more than just for locals! Stebby puts you on the map for the new customers in search for wellness services. It doesn’t matter if they’re on a business trip in a different city or are just looking to try out something new.

Easy sales management

Managing sales has never been easier for you and your customer. Stebby cashier system makes your transactions fast and convenient – no more need for cash or printed out vouchers!

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Stebby community is growing every day

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7 000


130 000

130 000


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1 300


And it’s completely free. So what are you waiting for?

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How does it work?

  1.  Join our community of service providers.
  2.  Make your service visible to over 130 000 users.
  3.  Reach new heights with loyal Stebby users.
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Who are welcome to join?

Do you believe your services can improve Stebby users’ wellness? Hop on board! We have sports clubs, bowling alleys, shooting ranges, massages and even beauty salons as service providers – let’s enrich the variety.

How much does Stebby cost me?

Becoming a Stebby service provider is free of charge and allows you to sell your services in our environment. Five different service provider packages give you extra features and possibilities to participate in our marketing activities and campaigns which help you to bring your services closer to Stebby users. Read more about packages >

Can I add my event for sale?

Yes! Creating an Event Organizer account allows you to sell tickets for wellness events.

  1. Become a partner.
  2. Create an event.
  3. Add your tickets to Stebby.

It’s just that simple!

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Book a demo and our helpful sales team will show you all the features and answer your questions about our platform.

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