What is Stebby?

Stebby is a wellness Service platform where we bring your Services closer to people who always want to take the next step forward to improve their health and well-being. This is your opportunity to connect with over 180 000 users all over the Baltics. 

Easy to use system

We have all the tools to make your sales process a success. Let’s conquer your goals together. 

  • Unique cashier option for Service Providers
  • Ticket system so you could sell your Services conveniently
  • Automated accounting for easy withdrawals
  • Convenient app for users so they could buy your Services even at your doorway

Sell more, grow faster, market smarter

Set up everything as you like

We help you to build a Point of Sale for your needs. 

  • You choose the price
  • Sell as many tickets as you want
  • Design it with your brand visuals
  • Create discounts for special events
  • Withdraw profits anytime

It’s all in your hands!

Stebby Packages will boost your visibility and sales

Different Service Provider Package options will give you new opportunities to improve your sales.

  • Targeted marketing through Stebby channels
  • Better position in search results
  • Different visual options for your Point of Sale

Read more about packages >

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Stebby community is growing every day

8 500+

8 500+


180 000

180 000


1 700

1 700


Getting started is easy!

How does it work?

  1. Join Stebby as a Service Provider
  2. Set up your wellness Point of Sale & Services
  3. Choose from different Package to improve your visibility & sales
  4. Sell and provide your Services to existing or new loyal customers

If you have any questions about setting up your Point of Sale then contact us info@stebby.eu or seek help from our FAQ.

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Who are welcome to join?

Do you believe your services can improve Stebby users’ wellness? Hop on board! We have sports clubs, bowling alleys, shooting ranges, massages and even beauty salons as service providers – let’s enrich the variety.

How much does Stebby cost me?

Becoming a Stebby service provider is free of charge and allows you to sell your services in our environment. Five different service provider packages give you extra features and possibilities to participate in our marketing activities and campaigns which help you to bring your services closer to Stebby users. Read more about packages >

Can I add my event for sale?

Yes! Creating an Event Organizer account allows you to sell tickets for wellness events.

  1. Become a partner.
  2. Create an event.
  3. Add your tickets to Stebby.

It’s just that simple!

Take the next step!

Search for opportunities to work out, relax and experience something new. Get the best prices on the market and buy instantly the services you like or need.