SportID, the largest health services environment in the Baltic states, underwent a brand change in cooperation with the Neway design agency and is now called Stebby. The new brand will not be accompanied by extensive changes in the functionality of the environment, but the appearance will change completely.

‘Our new brand name, Stebby (previously known as SportID), symbolises moving step-by-step and thinking more about our health. Developing one’s health and improving one’s welfare begins with the small steps,’ said Emily Vigel, marketing manager at Stebby. The big goal of Stebby is to provide a convenient environment where people can find and purchase all kinds of welfare services, use the compensation provided by their employer, and keep an eye on their health expenses. The wide selection available in the Stebby environment includes tickets to sports clubs and spas, rehabilitation services, massages, and even health insurance.

According to Roman Gnibida, COO at Stebby, the new identity was a necessary step from the perspective of the vision and goals of the brand. ‘The new name and face were not merely a business decision, but an important milestone for the entire company where we can move on from and perhaps even develop beyond the Baltic states, if possible,’ he added.

The novel brand was born out of the desire to be visually more modern, brave, and spontaneous, and to distance the environment from the words ‘sport’ and ‘id’. ‘The reason is actually very simple, we are not merely related to sport anymore, our goal is to make people move, step-by-step, and to think about their health. We would also like to bring the environment of health services closer to the private customer, but the name SportID is still only associated with compensations and the employer for a lot of people,’ noted Vigel.

SportID was launched in 2012 as a successful Estonian start-up which was based on the idea to provide a health and sports compensation administration service for businesses. In the eight years, the company has developed into the largest health and sports services environment in the Baltic states, Stebby, where service providers can offer their health services, companies can manage the health compensation provided to their employees, and regular users can find and buy welfare services of their choice.

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