Style, name, logo, colours, fonts – everything has changed since Stebby came around. This means a lot of exciting challenges for us and a little bit of practice for you to get used to our new visual identity.

Let’s take a little journey to see what has changed, why has changed and how the visual side will be different from the SportID era.

Our name – Farewell SportID, hello Stebby!

SportID turned into Stebby! But why & how?

Our aim is to show you that we’re a lot more than a sports service provider. It was clear that many related us to only sports training and events but we are grown into a much bigger role. Stebby is the new name of a wellness platform where you can find everything you need to improve your overall well-being and health. 

Stebby – is that some kind of a word? No, it isn’t. Stebby is a shorter version of a step-by-step mentality. We want to motivate people to take the first steps with us to see that there are thousands of opportunities to feel happier, be healthier and enjoy your life to the fullest. All you need is to take the first step and let us show you the way. 

Our logo

View our logo in which way you want – it still represents our ideas and passion. Heart motive shows opportunities to improve your health with Stebby and how much we care about you. There is never enough wellness for your body and soul. 

Turn our logo sideways and it will turn into stairway which represents the first steps you can take for your health with us. Our logo design is simple but as they say – simplicity is the key. 

Our visuals

We talked about the logo but what about our website itself! As you can see – new, bolder colours and design is our future. The colours represent our new character perfectly because we want to be energetic but also down to earth and calmful if needed.

We know that you need to get used to it but don’t worry – if you log in to our platform, you’re almost in the same place you were before Stebby. As you can see, gradient plays a big role in our brand as well. Different gradients show a change from one step to another.

Our mission

Besides the big visual changes, our mission stays the same – to help your health on every step. Our purpose is to offer the best wellness support system you can think of where you can improve step-by-step. Taking care of your well-being is a significant part of being healthy, balanced and active throughout your lifetime. If you are already satisfied with your wellness then upgrade yourself – you can always try something new and exciting to keep your mind and body fresh!

Our attitude

Let’s be more personal and vibrant! Although our mindset and mission carries on from SportID we want to be a lot closer to you and help you make the first step towards wellness. Let’s change the way we take care of our health and feel better every second. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask any questions if you have some. 

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