Living a healthy life sounds good, right? How about living life to the fullest with exciting endeavors? Even better!

We believe that holiday stress is nothing to be made fun of and the anxiety of choosing the right gifts for your loved ones can be nerve wracking. Gifting something unique that they already do not have may seem like an impossible task. However, we have a solution — Stebby!

And not just Stebby but the Stebby Gift Card where you can choose the amount, message and the delivery yourself!

But why the Stebby Gift Card?

What is the one thing we always wish for our loved ones? It’s health and strength, of course. Then why not give them the gift of wellness to help them enjoy something which they have been longing for. Be it a boost of adrenaline with extreme sports or a health check-up to start the new year strong.

Show that you care about your health and the health of others. Give your family, friends or colleagues 8500 unique wellness services – gift them a Stebby gift card!

With the gift card, the recipient can choose how to recharge their energy or improve their health – Stebby has options from kitesurfing to consultations, rehabilitation to beauty treatments, spas to medical services and trainings to nutrition.

Something for each and every one of us because we all have our own understanding of wellness!

How to buy the gift card?

  • Step 1. Log in or create a user on stebby.eu
  • Step 2. Add money to your account
  • Step 3. Go to the gift card purchase view
  • Step 4. Enter the gift card amount of your choice
  • Step 5. Choose whether you want to download the gift card or send it with a personal message directly to the recipient’s email
  • Step 6. Purchase the gift card
  • Step 7. Enjoy Christmas full of wellness

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