8 tips on how to find your perfect running shoes!

16 May 2024

Choosing running shoes can be a headache, but it should never be rushed as the wrong shoes can do more harm than good. Here are some very important points and…...

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Does running seem boring to you? Make it interesting by trying orienteering!

16 May 2024

With the arrival of spring, both city streets and forest trails all over Estonia fill up with amateur athletes. At…...

A 10-year boom: this is the sport for all ages

13 May 2024

While the history of many classic sports can be measured in hundreds of years, disc golf, one of the most…...

A Gift Full of Excitement and Health a Thousand Times Over!

27 November 2023

Living a healthy life sounds good, right? How about living life to the fullest with exciting endeavors? Even better! We…...

Stebby app grows with Stebby — new features will help you find wellness!

22 May 2023

The Stebby app is not in a baby’s shoes anymore – this May, we will celebrate its second birthday with…...


24 March 2022

From March 28 to April 10, 2022, the first-ever virtual charity run, “Steps for Ukraine” will take place on Stebby….

Surviving the lockdown in Lithuania

31 March 2021

Although Estonia has been in lockdown for a few weeks now, there’s a country that has been in lockdown for…