In order to retain employees and improve their performance and efficiency, wellness programmes and benefits are becoming an increasingly important part of companies’ everyday work culture.

However, it is important to remember that health promotion does not have to be just about exercise and physical activity – it can also focus on general well-being. For example, flexible working or telecommuting is a big part of this. Adding value to the collective will result in a more sustainable and effective team – you don’t have to splash out thousands of euros – creating shared wellbeing can start with small changes.

Conduct active meetings

Many companies have fancy standing desks, but during a long working day it’s still useful to move around a bit instead of just standing. Invite colleagues for a walk in the garden, for example, and brainstorm new ideas in the fresh air, so you can get your daily steps in during the working day.

Since the corona pandemic, we have become used to working not shoulder to shoulder, but further apart, be it from a home office in Bali or Haapsalu, and meetings are often held using modern digital tools. But these discussions can also be held while respecting mobility. For example, grab your headphones and go for a walk during a video meeting, because movement gets your body moving and your mind going. And in bad weather, it doesn’t hurt to schedule breaks between meetings so you can collect extra oakum inside the office.

Ergonomic office products from doormats to keyboards can be found on the Ergoway Stebby page HERE.

A minute of silence

In order to maintain the motivation and well-being of the whole team, it is important to minimise stress levels for people working in the office.

One way to do this is to agree on minutes of silence (e.g. 10 minutes), i.e. a set period of time during which employees do not talk or disturb each other. During this time, everyone can reflect, gather energy, relax and then get back to work with a clearer head.

Lunch training session

Encourage employees to exercise during the working day. One way to do this is to offer in-house group training during breaks or lunchtimes. For example, invite a yoga instructor to the office or offer employees a session with a physiotherapist who can suggest new tips for creating an effective and ergonomic working environment.

Find just one common theme that everyone in the office can contribute to and that doesn’t require a lot of extra effort.

For example, arrange a meeting with renowned physiotherapist Georg Laasik, who offers cutting-edge training for office workers to raise awareness of healthy lifestyles. Find out more on Stebby HERE.

Cook together 

A healthy diet is just as important as physical activity for maintaining workers’ well-being. Many companies offer their employees a variety of fruit and healthy snacks, but why not get the collective together and take part in a real cooking class. Or, if possible, invite a chef to your office.

The visit will give the whole team the knowledge and skills to prepare healthy food, so that the food consumed during the day is of high quality and provides energy, not tiring for the body and mind. Cooking lessons are also important for team building, as they reduce tensions and help colleagues to get to know each other better.

Prepare for periods of illness together

Preparing for sickness is important because, for example, a contagious flu outbreak can devastate an entire workforce in an instant, potentially crippling your business.

Remind workers of the importance of staying healthy and, if possible, working from home even when they have minor symptoms. Share ideas on how to quickly overcome debilitating illnesses.

Of course, flu and other diseases can also be prevented by vaccination. Every employee should consult their own family doctor for flu vaccinations, but illnesses can also be prevented by making changes in the office. For example, air out rooms at set times each day, eat vitamin-packed fruit and avoid close contact with many people in confined spaces if possible.

Organise active competitions

Monthly healthy and active moderation could be within everyone’s reach – count your steps for the day, do exercise days together or practice your dexterity on the ball courts. There are plenty of options, but the challenge could suit workers of all shapes and ages.

Remember that even small prizes can go a long way in motivating participants. For example, Stebby offers a range of fitness equipment for hire, as well as a range of exercise classes for a health subsidy. 

Healthy challenges

In addition to sporting activities, small wellness challenges can also be fun. Who can get at least 7 hours of sleep every night, meal-prep every day or kick a bad habit?

Find out which of your colleagues can rise to a positive challenge for 30 days and change their quality of life for the better.

Be open to feedback

Take an interest in what your employees want and what they miss. Often the answers are surprising, and simple changes can help improve the well-being of the workforce.

Feedback can be requested, for example, through an anonymous mailbox, a monthly survey or an open meeting. As an employer, always listen to everyone’s ideas, and don’t put off a seemingly unworkable idea, because it can come in handy in the long run.  

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