Manage your employees' wellness benefits

Stebby is a next-generation tool

Stebby is a one of a kind environment to take extra care of your employees’ wellness.  You can use it as a tool to manage subsidies and benefits for the individual needs of your employees quickly and conveniently. What else can you benefit from Stebby as an employer?

  1. Attract new employees
  2. Increase motivation and loyalty for current employees
  3. Change the old way of accounting with a new tool that saves your company’s time and financial resources
  4. Build your employer brand by providing wellness benefits for everyone
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Managing Stebby as an employer is easier than you think

  • Create a suitable compensation plan for everyone 
  • Only pay for the services your employees actually use
  • Have an overview of how the compensation is being used
  • Feel free to change compensation plans and other settings anytime

Did you know that the Stebby Service fee is only 3 euros + VAT a month per employee?

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8 500+


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Make a positive change for your employees

How to start?

Join step by step

  1. Contact us and let us introduce Stebby
  2. Join Stebby with your employees
  3. Set up a suitable compensation plan with your own rules
  4. Say goodbye to sick leaves and welcome more smiles around your workplace

If you have any questions about setting up your account then contact us info@stebby.eu or seek guidance from our Knowledge Base.


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We have understood the importance of an active lifestyle for the productivity of our employees and have compensated health and sports expenses for several years now. However, we kept changing the way we administer it until we found Stebby. Stebby is a convenient platform for our people - they can easily choose the desired activities or places of interest to improve their wellness and health.




We are a fast-growing company with customers across 50+ countries and we are generally looking for people who bring energy and passion. We encourage everyone on the team to stay active and give them the freedom of choice when it comes to health. Stebby platform provides transparency, automation and resilience we are looking for, which is a value to us as a company and most importantly – to our team.

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How can my employees join?

There are two main options for your employees to join your company’s Stebby group:

  • If they already have a Stebby account, they can search for your company and submit a request to join the group.
  • Import all your employees to our platform yourself. After that, they will get an email notification to create an account and join your Stebby group.

Can we choose which services employees can purchase and in what amount?

Yes! You can create compensation rules that define which types of wellness services are allowed for your employees. For example, this way you can be sure that your employees only use tax-free services so there are no additional costs.

What happens if an employee doesn't use the money? Is it going to waste?

All unused subsidies will remain on your company’s Stebby account and they can be used for the next month or quarter. You don’t have to worry about losing it!

How much is the Stebby service fee?

Stebby makes it easy to calculate your service fee cost:

  • 1-3 employees in your Stebby group = a monthly fee of 10 euros + VAT.
  • From the fourth group member, you will pay 3€ per month + VAT for each user in the group.

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