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Stebby has more than 1 800 service providers so everyone can find a suitable time and place to take care of their wellness.

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  • A healthy employee is more efficient and happier which equals less sick days in your company.

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  3. Enjoy your wellness subsidy anywhere you go.
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General Financing bank


On-site gyms offer limited functionality and that’s why we have chosen to offer our employees compensation through Stebby. We encourage everyone to choose the activities they are most passionate about - it could be swimming for some or yoga for the others. In addition, we have colleagues all over Lithuania, so it was crucial that the same compensation could be offered to everyone across the country.




We have understood the importance of an active lifestyle for the productivity of our employees and have compensated health and sports expenses for several years now. However, we kept changing the way we administer it until we found Stebby. Stebby is a convenient platform for our people - they can easily choose the desired activities or places of interest to improve their wellness and health.




We are a fast-growing company with customers across 50+ countries and we are generally looking for people who bring energy and passion. We encourage everyone on the team to stay active and give them the freedom of choice when it comes to health. Stebby platform provides transparency, automation and resilience we are looking for, which is a value to us as a company and most importantly – to our team.

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How can my employees join?

There are two main options for your employees to join your company’s Stebby group:

  • If they already have a Stebby account, they can search for your company and submit a request to join the group.
  • Import all your employees to our platform yourself. After that, they will get an email notification to create an account and join your Stebby group.

Can we choose which services employees can purchase and in what amount?

Yes! You can create compensation rules that define which types of wellness services are allowed for your employees. For example, this way you can be sure that your employees only use tax-free services so there are no additional costs.

What happens if an employee doesn't use the money? Is it going to waste?

All unused subsidy will remain on your company’s Stebby account and it can be used for next month or quarter. You don’t have to worry about losing it!

How much is Stebby service fee?

Stebby makes it easy to calculate your service fee cost:

  • If you have 1-4 employees in your Stebby group, then you can use Stebby for free!
  • From the fifth group member, you will pay 1,5€ per month for each user in the group.

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