Unexpectedly summery and warm weather always beckons, but the hotter the sun, the more dangerous it is for all of us. Whether at home or abroad, high temperatures inevitably put our bodies to the test, and health problems can also occur simply by spending time relaxing and unwinding.

So how do you go about feeling good on a hot day? Luckily, there are a few tips you can follow to help you enjoy a warm summer day safely.

But let’s start with the symptoms you should be sure to slow down and monitor your health:

  • muscle cramps,
  • dizziness or vomiting,
  • feeling weak,
  • fatigue,
  • headache,
  • excessive sweating,
  • skin irritation,
  • low blood pressure,
  • dangerously high heart rate,
  • vision issues.

If you experience these symptoms on a hot summer day, you should stop exercising or exercising and start by taking your body temperature indoors. In addition, when you are exercising, it is a good idea to have a friend or acquaintance with you to monitor you during the training period and help you if necessary. 

How to cool down in summer?

  • Remove excess clothing,
  • Take a cold shower or bath,
  • Drink enough water,
  • Avoid alcohol,
  • Place ice packs on your neck, forehead or under your arms – a cold water bottle can also help.
  • Use a fan or air conditioner for cooling and air circulation.

How to prevent heat-related problems in sport? There are several ways.

Take a cold shower before you exercise

A cold shower before a workout cools your body down from the heat and refreshes you. Don’t bother drying your hair after a shower – a wet head will help keep your body cool even at the start of your workout. 

Use the right fluids

However, the best drink for a hot summer’s day is water, especially if you’re planning an intense workout or job. It’s important not to overdo it on the water, but you should always remember that sweating removes a lot of fluid from your body, and you need to get it all back in when you drink water.

Sports drinks can also help restore electrolyte levels and provide energy for one last effort. However, don’t rely on water and sports drinks alone – keep your summer training sessions short and consume everything as needed.

Choose your clothes carefully

Of course, no one runs around in long clothes in the middle of a 30-degree day, but you can also avoid the sun with light-coloured, reflective clothes. With dark clothes, you can do yourself a disservice by finishing your workout before it even starts. 

In addition, watch the material of your sportswear – cotton is breathable, but when you sweat it gets wet and heavy and can cause irritation during long workouts. Fortunately, sportswear companies are also using innovative technologies to make special breathable garments to keep sweat away from the body and provide maximum cooling. 

You’ll still thank sunscreen later

Sunburn is unpleasant for several days, but too much sun can affect your skin’s health for years – so wear sunscreen for your own health. When you’re exercising, use waterproof sunscreen so it still has some benefit when you start to sweat.

Choose the right time

If you’re going to exercise outdoors, do it in the early morning, late afternoon or even in the evening. The midday sun can quickly and unexpectedly hit your workout. For example, many athletes prefer to work out in the early morning because it makes it easier to fall asleep in the evening and starts the day with a burst of energy.

Work out indoors or skip a workout if necessary

As Estonians, we are used to playing sports in indoor conditions for a large part of the year, so it’s not a bad idea to do so in summer. Many sports clubs are well ventilated, and a cooler environment can improve your performance and help prevent heat-related problems. It’s also not a sin to simply rest during a heatwave and leave yourself feeling unhealthy. You’ll find sports equipment for home exercise from Stebby

Know your limits

You’re the one who understands your shape and health best. If you’re feeling a bit under the weather, give yourself a break before you mess with the sun. Split a long workout between several small ones, or do two short workouts a day – just don’t overload yourself. It’s a good idea to have a health check to give you some reassurance – find a suitable exercise test HERE.

If you’re stuck for ideas, Stebby has workout and nutrition plans and personal trainer advice to guide you on how to get your summer exercise right. Find out more about Stebby HERE

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