The Stebby app is not in a baby’s shoes anymore – this May, we will celebrate its second birthday with more than 70,000 users! Version 1.0.40 also indicates that the Stebby app has not been idling for two years but has received 40 version updates, some of which have changed and are making the lives of many Stebby wellness seekers especially easy. Since we haven’t talked much about what’s happening in the app, it’s wiser to introduce you to the latest updates in more detail.

Our primary recommendation is to keep your updates automatic so you can use the best Stebby features and capabilities daily. For this, if necessary, check your phone settings. If you doubt which version of the Stebby app you have, you can check it by selecting “Settings” from the bottom right of the app’s menu and scrolling down to “Version“.

Download the Stebby app from Google Play or App Store

What’s up? Stebby map is up!

Yes, Stebby has finally got a map to discover new favourite service providers down the street! We already have maps in apps for ordering food, taxi and everything else, so why not have one for health and well-being too? Finally, it’s ready.

There are dozens and hundreds of fantastic service providers around us that you haven’t heard of yet, but that can help you with a healthier you, a new hobby, or convenient support. Now you can get it all with the help of the Stebby app map to see this vast selection both in your hometown and abroad, which you can use for your well-being in your free time.

To explore the map:

  • Open the Stebby app (at least version 1.0.39.)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Popular Service Providers -> See all
  • Under the search bar, you can already see the option View map

When you select a service provider from the map, you can immediately go to the service provider’s point of sale, read additional information and feedback, familiarize yourself with the services and purchase well-being.

Check your phone’s location settings if you don’t see the map option.

Forget the calendar on the wall, the alarm clock or the call from a friend – now there is a Stebby Events calendar to remind you of events around you!

You have a vacation but don’t know what’s happening during that time? Looking for activities for the whole family for the weekend? The Stebby Events calendar shows you all active events across Estonia by date, which you can participate in as a hobbyist, athlete or just sports lover. Stebby Events has over 200 events to keep you fit and active! You can get all your information from the calendar – from weekly orienteering to large public running festivals. 

To see the calendar

  • Open the Stebby app (at least version 1.0.39.)
  • On the home page, scroll to the Events subpage and select See all
  • Under the search bar, you can already see the option View Calendar

Choose a date, discover your favourite, buy a ticket, and go enjoy – that’s how you gain wellness!

Notifications right in your pocket

Are you unaware of the campaigns and have forgotten about the Stebby tickets before they expire? The Stebby app can remind you of all this. So that you are always aware of the best choice and the expiration of your tickets, let us inform you about all this on your phone.

One way to do this is to check your phone’s notification settings, but to see our best offers and exciting updates right away, turn on marketing app notifications from the Stebby app’s own settings. To do this, select Settings -> More settings -> Marketing in the app and choose which notifications you want to receive.

That way, you won’t miss campaigns, special offers and awesome updates!

Why should you use the Stebby app?

Because the app already has features you can’t find on the web. In addition to the innovations mentioned above, it is more convenient to upload receipts, select personal preferences and much more.

Read more about all the advantages of the app: https://stebby.eu/stebby-app-is-here/

Taking care of your health has never been so easy

Whether you have a connection to Stebby due to an employer or an interest in improving your health, it doesn’t matter – you will find your favourite among thousands of services in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

If you have any ideas to make the app even more convenient for everyone, let us know at info@stebby.eu. We are very grateful for your feedback to provide the best user experience for all of our users.

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